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 Ncisabby's App

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PostSubject: Ncisabby's App   Sat Apr 16, 2011 3:40 am

- Character Name: Ncisabby

- Jobs you can/want to use: 90 WHM/RDM/BLM/COR

- Which do you consider your main job: WHM mainly with rdm being 2nd

- Merits: Max mp 8/8
5/5 STR
8 Marksmanship 8 Club
8 Elemental 8 Enfeebling
4 critical hit rate 4 Spell Inter. Rate

WHM: 5 Cure Cast 5 Regen
1 Martyr 1 Devotion
3 Protecta 5 Shellra

BLM: 5 Ice 5 Lightning
5 Freeze II 5 Burst II

RDM: 5 Convert 5 Ice Accuracy
5 Paralyze II 4 Slow II 1 Phalanx II

COR: 5 Phantom Roll Recast 5 QuickDraw Acc
4 Winning streak 1 Loaded Deck

- Gear worth to mention you possess: Twilight Belt Hecate's Earring..got alot of +1 af but no +2

- Any important SJ you miss: SCH for whm and rng for cor which I plan on working on in free time

- Working on Relic/Mythic/Empyrean weapon?: Not atm but I'm interested on working on possibly Armageddon or some other cor gun.

- Timezone: Mountain US ( I live in CO)

- Past endgame experiences: Old school stuff such as land kings sky sea znm etc...Small man abyssea farming and I have Shinryu access.

- What's the event you're mostly interested in: ABYSSEA YEAH uh..........I'm not sure if you guys do dynamis or not but if you plan on doing it after it gets revamped I'd be interested in that as well.

- Ventrilo/TS/Skype access: Vent and skype: O I can download TS if needed.

- Why Hoshi no Koe: I have an early morning job and it is hard to find a linkshell that can fit my schedual so I dont lose any sleep. Your events start around the time I get off of work and your events end around the time I need to be getting off so works out really well. I also took a small break and I'm looking to having some fun again Smile!

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PostSubject: Re: Ncisabby's App   Sat Apr 16, 2011 12:40 pm

Application accepted.
Please contact Emdief or Illidan ingame for a pearl to start your trial.
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Ncisabby's App
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